John and Pat Ashby

My wife and I wish to record our appreciation and gratitude for having had the opportunity recently to experience the facilities and treatment offered by Vingyana.   We arrived for a 3 week program and while we had some expectations and reservations, we were literally blown away by the depth of the organisational structure and the detailed forethought and planning that has gone into setting up and maintaining the facility to such a high standard.  The whole experience to us seemed not only to provide a caring, comforting and nurturing environment but also a spiritual one.

We were pleasantly surprised by the fact that every one of the doctors, specialists, service providers, nurses and support staff along with those from the Hotel side from management, chefs and waiters to all the grounds people, seem to share the vision of what Vingyana is about.  All wear welcoming smiles and we found that nothing was too much to ask of anyone.  They all went about their tasks in a happy and caring manner and what we found really pleasing was that all appeared to have respect and courtesy for each other as well as for patients and their carers.

From the patient perspective, I could not have asked for more in the way my treatment was so thoroughly planned, scheduled and executed.  Our Guest Experience Manager, and daily updates at planning meetings ensured that any minor problems and patient needs were dealt with speedily and always with concern for the continued support and comfort of the patient while still meeting desirable treatment outcomes.    Where necessary, daily activities were adjusted and re-scheduled to meet patient needs and I was particularly impressed by the standard of co-ordination and flexibility shown when the re-scheduling of daily activities was undertaken.   Concern for patient comfort was also extended to Airport arrivals and our departure as well as dealings with external services such as with the general Hospital.

I was also very grateful and comforted by the fact that my wife and carer was afforded the utmost respect and courtesy so that she felt welcome, valued and supported in her role.  While my wife was kept busy supporting me, there were times when she was able to take time out to enjoy some of the amenities provided in the way of the gym, juice bars, massage, art therapy and hair salon with the result she has not felt so relaxed in years.

I do not wish to name individuals for fear of offending however we were touched by a number of extraordinary people working there who are simply beautiful souls, performing above and beyond their respective roles.   These individuals were like angels to us and we will always treasure their kindness, generosity and personal warmth.

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude and thanks for a wonderful experience.   It has been life-changing for us.