State of the art Technologies

Embrace the non-invasive and highly effective benefits of health and wellness innovations.

The integrative treatment of Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease and preventive Clinical Detox requires a range of highly specialised technologies: all of which are easily accessible at Vingyana.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is manufactured in the US, Germany, UK, Japan, and Australia. These sophisticated tools are utilised for accurate diagnostics as well as to restore mind and body wellness. The treatments derived from the usage of our equipment, work in synergistic function with our integrative therapies, providing the ideal balance for healing and rejuvenation.

Our highly-qualified team of engineers and technicians maintain our equipment to international standards in a temperature controlled environment, which enables us to deliver treatments at an optimum level.

The ALCAT test is used to identify immune reactions to various foods, food additives, environmental chemicals, medicinal herbs, moulds, antibiotics, and other anti-inflammatory agents.

A whole blood sample collected in sodium citrate is used for this test. It measures the patient’s response to each of the substances tested and classifies the response as reactive, borderline or non-reactive. A customised diet plan or substances to avoid can be recommended based on the findings. This improves the immune system balance.

Colonic Irrigation
Colonic Irrigation is a method used to cleanse toxins by flushing the colon repeatedly with filtered warm water under very low pressure, using specialised massage techniques on the abdominal area to stimulate release.

The health of your gut is the pathway to health and healing, and Colonic Irrigation is the first step in restoring gut health through the subsequent re-irrigation of gut flora.

Colon cleansing is required to get rid of faeces and other harmful toxins accumulated on the colonic walls, which would otherwise cause pre-conditions for various diseases in the body.

Computerised Tomography (CT) Scan
A Computerised Tomography or CAT Scan is an imaging test that combines several x-rays taken from different angles to produce three-dimensional, cross-section images of the bones, blood vessels, and soft tissues using a computer.

Floatation Tank
The sensory deprivation achieved by spending time in a floatation therapy tank, enables a deep, relaxed state that allows the body to release long-held deep stress. Pain is relieved, blood flow is stimulated through all the tissues, natural endorphins are released, and the brain gives out alpha waves associated with relaxation and meditation.

Halotherapy – Salt Cave
Europeans have known that salt caves benefit many people with lung and sinus problems. Recent research has shown it is effective in a wide range of lung problems including, difficulty in breathing, rehabilitation of patients after acute and chronic lung diseases, like acute bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, after lung surgery, bacterial infections, allergies, COPD, cardiovascular systemic support, and a wide range of skin problems.

Halotherapy is the inhalation of micronized dry salt within a chamber that mimics a salt cave environment. Salt, being anti-inflammatory, aids in reducing the inflammation of the respiratory system by enhancing the immune system. Furthermore, halotherapy improves mineralisation and alkalisation of the tissues, hence significantly preventing angiogenesis and metastatic spread.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a treatment that involves breathing 100% oxygen at a pressure which is higher than the atmospheric pressure.

Oxygen is transported in the body by two ways – mainly by binding to haemoglobin in the red blood cells and dissolving oxygen in the blood plasma. Under normal circumstances, 97% of the haemoglobin molecules are saturated with oxygen, whereas 0.32% of the plasma contains oxygen.

In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, because oxygen is at a pressure higher than the normal pressure, a higher amount of oxygen will be dissolved in blood plasma. Blood plasma can reach areas which are inaccessible to red blood cells. Therefore, oxygen will be delivered to the areas which were previously oxygen deficient.

Whole body hyperthermia achieves thermal elevation of body temperature. To that, the body’s immune system is placed on high alert. The overactive immune response which is triggered, makes it easier to introduce other interventions to address unhealthy cells and disrupt Cancer cells. It is best applied in combination with other therapies.

Local hyperthermia is used to address cases of primary and recurring secondary tumours regardless of tumour stage.

Ozone Therapy
It has been proved that Cancer and disease grow in poorly oxygenated tissues in your body. Ozone therapy is a treatment that increases the availability of oxygen in the blood through the introduction of ozone gas.

At Vingyana, ozone is administered into the body by autohaemotherapy – blood from the patient is withdrawn and mixed with ozone. This increases the oxygen in the blood and the oxygenated blood is intravenously administered to the patient. It will be delivered to hypoxic tumours to improve the blood flow by decreasing the blood viscosity and resistance, and to upregulate the protective enzymatic antioxidants system in the body.

For those with a weakened immune system, evidence has demonstrated that ozone therapy boosts the immune system, improves oxygen delivery to the body, enhances energy, and improves circulation in the body.

Oligo Scan
Oligo Scan is a device that is used to detect trace elements and toxic metals in the tissues.

A portable spectrometer device is used to collect the data from a blood, urine, faecal or hair sample of a patient, and sent to the secure central oligo scan server. The results can be obtained in about 20 seconds.

Oligo scan is beneficial when prescribing supplementation that would enhance individualised meal planning. If the patient suffers from metal toxicity, chelating techniques, supplements or lifestyle changes can be recommended.