Spa Village

Escape to our wellness spaces to achieve harmonious mind and body equilibrium.

Our spa village is home to the best of treatments that focus on mind and body wellness, combining the latest facilities with holistic treatments. You will feel right at home with our welcoming staff, spacious treatment pods, and peaceful spiritual sanctuaries.

Beyond being a wonderful healing environment, our patients are in for a treat with our plush salon, salt pool, and sensory gardens, which are the perfect escape spaces.

We hope you find inspiration, healing, and comfort from the spaces that we have purposefully created for you.

Chapel, Meditation and Prayer Room
Vingyana accepts patients of every faith, being guided by a deep respect for all religions. We believe that religion is an essential part of a patient’s journey towards healing and rejuvenation, and as such, our spa village has dedicated spaces for meditation and prayer.

Experiential Shower
Integrating wellness into your everyday routine can have lasting benefits. After a stint in the sauna or steam room, our experiential showers, which blend different levels of warmth, colour, and intensity, will offer you unique wellness in minutes.

Being physically active and exercising has many benefits for patients. Exercising can improve oxygen circulation, reduce nausea, fatigue, and anxiety. Our fully-equipped gym offers personalised programs with the right intensity for each patient, in order to avoid injuries and complications.

Gym-goers are welcome to our signature Vingyana Essentials personal care range, for freshening-up after a workout.

After a full day’s program of treatments, a stimulating soak in a jacuzzi can help reset your mind and body. Our advanced jacuzzi baths are designed to relieve pain and soreness, massage cramps and knots, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote sleep.

Lotus Pond
At the very centre of the spa village is a gorgeous lotus pond that is intended to give the senses a pick-me-up. Sri Lanka’s national flower, the Blue Lotus blooms bright among other varieties of water lilies, creating an elegant tropical vista for our patients.

A little pampering can do wonders for patients undergoing treatment. Our luxuriously appointed salon offers a range of services from haircuts, wash and blow-dry, to manicures and pedicures, and massages. We also provide natural and synthetic wigs, which our hairdressers can style to your liking.

Salt Pool
Our inviting outdoor pool lets patients soak up water infused with restorative sea salt. Given the warm tropical climate in Sri Lanka, a dip in the refreshing salt pool will promote healing and happiness.

Sauna & Steam Rooms

Our cosy infrared cocoons promote deep sweating that will help flush out toxins, strengthen your immunity, and improve blood flow to your skin. In addition to the Sauna Room, the Steam Room offers overall body detoxification while relieving pain, and enhancing your immunity in a relaxing setting.

Sensory Gardens
A sensory garden is a wonderful way for patients to feel present in the environment around them. Ours is designed to gently stimulate the senses and elicit feelings of joy and comfort. Featuring jasmine, frangipani, lilies and gardenia, you will also find aromatic mint, basil and lemon, as well as organic fruit and vegetables for exploring your sense of smell and taste.


Yoga is recommended for all patients to cope better with stress and pain, and improve flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance. This age-old practice offers instant gratification and lasting transformation for the mind and body.

With a tropical lagoon as your backdrop, our alfresco yoga pavilion is the ideal setting for an emotional and physical boost. Our highly trained yoga practitioners will guide you through rejuvenating routines, as you breathe in the crisp clean air.