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Reassess and reverse your lifestyle choices and watch the positive transformation of your health and wellness.

The Vingyana Diabetes Wellness Program is intended for individuals who suffer from Diabetes as well as those who are pre-diabetic with or without a family history (genetic predisposition). Our approach is to tap into the healing powers of the body and mind, using the tool of nutritive medicine and evidence-based integrative treatments for the prevention of and recovery from Diabetes.

We employ our in-house oligo scan, veda pulse, ALCAT testing, and genetic profiling tools to better understand your condition, and develop a highly personalised course of action.

After the initial assessment, patients will follow a protocol that combines nutraceuticals, liquid feasts, biochemical restoration, and stress management. Our Diabetes management strategies are supported by halotherapy, hyperbaric medicine, and sensory deprivation therapies through the application of technology from the US, Japan and Australia.

Those showing Diabetes risk factors will undergo integrative treatments to manage dietary risks and address acidosis. These include whole-body cleanses and organ detoxification, which alkalises the system and enables metabolic normalcy, by restoring the biochemical processes involved in the normal functioning of a healthy body.

Our protocols are facilitated by professionally trained naturopaths, homeopaths, psychologists, dieticians, exercise instructors, and yoga trainers, to ensure a well-rounded program. The inspiring and supportive environment at Vingyana is perfect for people looking to consciously change their lifestyle with long-term benefits.

Diabetes Wellness Snapshot:
High-dose Vitamins, Minerals and Herbals
Nutritive Medicine Liquid Feasts
Hyperbaric Therapy
Sensory Deprivation – Float Tank
Stress Management
Yoga & Tai Chi
Salt Cave
Gym, Steam, Sauna and Experiential Showers
Sensory Gardens