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Clinical Cleansing & Detoxification

Achieve vibrant health and wellness through our preventive medical approach to detox.

Our bodies are built for natural detoxification. But as of late, the burden that we place on our bodily cleansing system is increasing. The worst offenders are our environment and food, overloaded with toxic and chemical waste, making it hard for our bodies to cleanse and purify. This has led to accelerated ageing, weight gain, low immunity, reproductive disorders, thyroid conditions, and Cancer, among a host of other carcinogenic and endocrine-related health issues.

The Vingyana Clinical Detox is based on a preventive medicine model, which is designed to unburden your system from impurities, while nursing your body’s amazing detox abilities back to efficiency and effectiveness.

Vingyana is a haven for detoxification and rejuvenation: a clean and wholesome environment that combines holistic, evidence-based, integrative treatments with leading technologies, and a support system made up of physicians, nutritionists, trainers, and therapists, specialising in preventive medicine.

Our detox and rejuvenation retreat, houses technologies brought down from the US, Japan, and Australia to perform colonics, hyperbaric treatment, halotherapy, and sensory deprivation for the advancement of your purification process.

We are uniquely equipped to assess the future risks of your organ systems, using an oligo scan, veda pulse, ALCAT testing, and genetic profiling. Any early warning signs will be supplemented with a customised rejuvenation protocol for the prevention of any future health complications.

Nutritional cleanses of the liver, kidney, and plasma, using pure herbal extracts, high-dose intravenous Vitamin C and psychotherapeutic interventions, as part of mind & body medicine, are some of the exclusive treatments that will feature in your individualised plan.

Vingyana’s holistic approach to detox also extends to a personally recommended and meticulously prepared diet plan, which consists of freshly sourced, unadulterated produce that will assist your detoxification process.

We look forward to your transformation as much as you. In a short period of time, your body will feel cleaner, renewed, and energised whilst looking fresher and younger. You will learn to adopt positive, lasting lifestyle changes, constantly detoxing your mind and body to achieve optimum health and happiness.

Clinical Detox Snapshot:
Assessment Tests
Individualised Diet Plan
High-dose Intravenous Vitamin C
Daily Herbal Extracts
Nutritional Liver, Kidney and Plasma Cleanse
Hyperbaric Treatment
Sensory Deprivation
Psychological Support
Personal Gym Training
Yoga & Tai Chi
Steam, Sauna and Experiential Showers
Salt Pool
Sensory Gardens